Thank you to...

DW Fitness First

A huge heartfelt thank you to Scott and Jayne Best for their incredible generosity. As our main sponsor DW Fitness First,  we are extremely thankful and will do you proud. @dwfitnessfirst

Little Ones London

Vanessa and Tom Harrow. Thank you for your generosity, belief in us and for supporting our cause. Little Ones London is the premier Nanny and Household staff agency in Europe. @littleoneslondon

Aspley Work Wear

Aspley Workwear, many thank yous to Ivan Kerry, Chris Kerry and the team at Aspley Workwear for our printed team kit and fundraising banners. Your generosity (and patience in dealing with me!) has helped us look the part, raise awareness and bring us together as a team!   for all of your printing and embroidery needs.

Frankie Herbert

Frankie Herbert has built our fantastic Lady Kila website and been on hand at every opportunity to help promote our cause. Without this site, we could not have spread the word like we are. Thank you Frankie!

Saira Craig

Saira Craig has donated her time, professional skills and a lot of energy to photograph us all for our team shots. Her patience in getting the ‘right’ shot and  ‘best’ angle for us all was quite a sight to behold! Thank you! @sairacraig

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