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Who we are and why we're doing it...

The Lady Kilas are a group of West London Ladies who will be climbing Kilimanjaro in June 2020.  We are removing ourselves from the comfy and rather spoilt lives that we lead and braving the harsh climate and living conditions of Kilimanjaro for 8 days. Stretching our capabilities and fitness levels to limits we have never known before whilst hoping to make a difference and raise a wonderful amount for these amazing charities. 

Let me introduce you to the team… Philippa, Malin, Emma C, Emma, Lisa, Magda, Carolyn, Jayne, Amanda, Marcia and myself Sophie.


We are all in extremely privileged positions just by being healthy ourselves and blessed with healthy children. We are also incredibly lucky just to be able to tuck our children up safely in their beds every night, affording to feed, clothe and educate them. These are daily things and small routines we are so fortunate enough to provide and quite honestly take for granted most of the time so easily wrapped up our busy modern lives. The time has come for us to say thank you and give something back!

The charities being supported have been carefully selected, we wanted to focus on supporting women and children. It has proven to be a tough decision with all these wilful ladies fighting for their good causes! It makes it even harder when all of the charities put on the table are so deserving. 


We would love for you to follow us on this journey, there will be months of training together, laughter and tears, excitement and fears….and I am sure many blisters!  You can follow us here and on social media, Insta and FB.

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